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Subwoofer Weight (lb) : 10.6lb
Subwoofer Depth (mm) : 242 mm
Subwoofer Weight (kg) : 4.8kg
Subwoofer Width (mm) : 242 mm
Speaker Weight (lb) : 7.3lb
Speaker Height (mm) : 78 mm
Subwoofer Height (mm) : 320 mm
Speaker Width (mm) : 62 mm
Speaker Weight (kg) : 3.3kg
Speaker Depth (mm) : 1000 mm

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    Review by Leslie Prichard on 1/3/2014
    I have purchased shirts from Minimalism a few times and am never disappointed. The quality is excellent and the shipping is amazing. It seems like it's at your front door the minute you get off your pc. I have received my purchases within two days - amazing.